3 Different Job Positions For Wikipedia Experts To Work

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Wikipedia is something that is known to everyone. Every person, regardless of any age, is aware of the Wikipedia platform and its purpose. Everyone knows for a fact that Wikipedia is the place where one can find the details about almost everything. It is a source of providing all the information about the subject we want to know about. But sometimes it is difficult to find the info regarding something particular since there are no pages or articles to be seen of those things on Wikipedia.

Now, when people cannot find something on Wikipedia, the ultimate question that comes to their mind is that how come Wikipedia forgot to add information about such an important topic. There are a lot of realities that people are not aware of like Wikipedia is not responsible for adding information to the website.

Many people get surprised when they learn that Wikipedia doesn’t play a role in adding information to any of the Wikipedia pages, there are Wikipedia experts responsible for writing the articles, to create a Wikipedia page, and also to edit information on the existing pages. Similarly, there are many other surprising realities about Wikipedia that one might enjoy reading.

Since there are Wikipedia experts that are accountable for making updates on the Wikipedia page and creating a new Wikipedia page, there are some agencies as well who hire the Wikipedia experts for different positions to work with them. Let’s have a look at the different job positions for Wikipedia experts.

Wikipedia Writer

Wikipedia writers use the research report that was created by the Wikipedia researchers, and make a properly structured content draft for the Wikipedia page of their clients. Wikipedia writers are supposed to follow all the rules that Wikipedia has stated very clearly. If the writer violates those rules or fails to follow them due to any reason, the Wikipedia page will ultimately be nominated for deletion or in severe cases directly gets deleted.

It is essential for every Wikipedia writer to use the neutral writing tone in the article and ensure that the page content doesn’t sound promotional.

Wikipedia Page Creator

When the writer finishes writing the article and the proofreaders approved the draft, then that article is then forwarded to the Wikipedia page writer, who is responsible for uploading the content on the Wikipedia and creating a successful Wikipedia page. Usually, the Wikipedia page creators are the ones with the professional Wikipedia account, and they focus on managing the activity of the account, so that whenever there is a need to create a Wikipedia page for anyone they could use up the reputation of the account to set the account live.

Wikipedia page creation is one of the most responsible tasks as the page creators are supposed to be very careful and follow all the rules for creating the page. Also, to make sure of their work quality, sometimes Wikipedia page creators go through with the draft again to ensure the quality of the article so that there would be no problem in establishing the page and getting approval from the Wikipedia page management.

Wikipedia Editor

People who possess frail writing skills, usually start their career in Wikipedia field, by becoming the Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia editors are responsible for keeping the updates about different people, brands, companies, any ongoing current affairs and news, and about everything that’s going around in the world. They are supposed to research for different stories and make changes to the Wikipedia pages about the subject they found any news about. It is also a job of Wikipedia editors to make sure that everything is covered up in the Wikipedia pages they are working on, if any data is missing from there, then it is their duty to do valid research about it and add that information in the Wikipedia pages.


Wikipedia is a great platform that allows the people all across the globe to contribute on the website, but it would be better if people with good skills and enthusiasm to contribute on Wikipedia could earn real money with the work they do. With the Wikipedia page creation agencies, it has become convenient for so many people to contribute on Wikipedia by creating the Wikipedia pages and as well as keeping the previous pages updated and earn money out of it as well.

The job positions that are mentioned above are the best opportunities for the people to earn a great amount of money for contributing their time, knowledge, and skills on Wikipedia.

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