9 Careers For Writers That Pays Big Bucks

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Creativity is something that dwells in mind, if you are looking for it to adopt from anywhere it is more likely not to be found that easily. There are so many fields of work in which great knowledge and epic skills are required, but writing is one of the careers that a person can select if they have the ability to bring down their thoughts into a proper format and structure and narrow down to shape it so beautifully that it can represent to the world. Whether it is about writing truths and facts, or composing a mythological and imaginative script, both fiction and nonfiction writers equally needed the same writing talent and a brain full of capability to write everything that is needed.

On the basis of these amazing skills, people are making big bucks in short passage of time. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn about the writing-related jobs that pay really well.

1.      Speechwriter

There are so many politicians, movie stars, celebrities, government officials, and CEOs of large industries that rely on the speechwriters to write a high-quality speech for them that they can deliver in front of the public and media. It is noted that the average salary of the speechwriter is $77,000, for writing speeches.

2.      Technical Writer

Technical writers are the ones that contain a large vocabulary of words in their brain to write the complex information about anything into simple and plain English text. They are mostly hired to write the user guides, software manuals, and other complex documentation. The average salary of the technical writers is supposed to be $74,000.

3.      Novelist

Becoming a novelist is every writer’s dream, but not everyone can accomplish it, as turn out to be a successful writer is a very difficult job. Becoming a novelist requires a great deal of creative thoughts, the power of imagination and unbound skills to bring the fragmentation of mind into real characters and stories. A novelist that has the right skills can earn up to $72,000 with ease.

4.      Screenwriter

Screenwriting is also one of the very creative work if you have the ability to create the characters and a proper plot for the movies and television shows. With the skills to write the screenplay, a writer can easily earn more than $72,000.

5.      Academic Writer

For all the nonfiction writers who have the ability to carry the proper research and write about the facts related to academic and education tends to become the academic writers. They are hired to help people with their thesis, project reports and documentation, dissertations, and anything similar to that. The average earning of the academic writers are believed to be more than $70,000.

6.      Video Game Writer

People who have a medium quality writing skills and wants to polish their writing skills tend to become the video game writer and write the narrations for the video games. It would be a wonder to know that the average salary of the video game writer is believed to be more than $50,000, according to the different research.

7.      Film Critic

Becoming a film critic is also one of the amazing jobs a person can do, as you not only receive the free tickets to go watch the movies but also get to put your opinions out in the open related to that movie. A film critic can easily earn up to $43,960 on the average pay scale.

8.      Web Content Writer

The requirement of the web content writers has been increased so much in a few years, as many companies search out for quality writers to write articles, blogs, web copies, and other digital contents to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). Web content writers are paid up to $37,500 on the average pay scale.

9.      Ghostwriter


Some people say that ghostwriting is not a credible job or it is not a high-class career to adopt, but little that they know, ghostwriters earn so much more than any of the other category of writers can earn. Their salary range starts from $15,000 to $500,000 according to the requirements and level of the projects. They are hired by companies, celebrities, and other people to take help with the writing work.

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