How to Choose a Stunt Scooter by Height


Most riders prefer to have the handlebars between their waist and belly button when standing on the scooter. Younger riders can ride with slightly higher handlebars, allowing them to grow with the scooter.

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To have an understanding of the overall height of the scooter, you need to add 22-25 cm to the handlebar height, and this is the distance from the bottom point of the front wheel to the bottom point of the handlebar. Now you can measure your child and understand where the handlebar will be. Finally, we give you averages and generalizations. Some children like shorter handlebars, some like taller handlebars. It is best to ask your child to try different sizes.

For example, consider the HiPE H5 scooter, which has a handlebar height of 61 cm. If we calculate the total height of the scooter, adding 25 cm, we get the total height of the scooter at 86 cm. According to the table, this scooter is suitable for riders with a height from 155 to 165 cm; if we neglect it a little, then the recommended height of this scooter is from 150 cm to 170 cm.

ATTENTION: The handlebar on the scooter can be sawn off both in height and in width (in this case, at least in our store, the warranty remains), but it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the deck, which is difficult to shorten, almost no one does it. Therefore it is ideal to choose a ready-made scooter, which fully fits the height.

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